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Fueling Immigrant Workers, Feeding The Food Insecure

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No One Goes Hungry On Our Watch

Influenced by cultures and cuisines from across the world, our food is cooked with a variety of ingredients, but none more important than purpose... 

We believe, now more than ever, that we have a responsibility to lift-up the most vulnerable members of our communities. Through The Migrant Kitchen Initiative, Migrants from around the world come together in our kitchens to share their stories and cultures through healthy, delicious meals that are served to food insecure in communities in New York City and beyond. 

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Buy A Meal Give A Meal

For every meal (snack, main & drink) purchased at The Migrant Kitchen, we are able to donate a meal to a New Yorker in need through TMK Initiative. We serve the same restaurant quality food to those in need as we do to those who visit our store locations and we pride ourselves in preparing meals that are culturally appropriate for the community in which we are serving. 

In addition to meals donated to New Yorkers in need through our Buy A Meal Give A Meal program, TMK Initiative actively provides meals to food insecure communities around the globe. Visit for more information on our work and click below to help feed someone in need today.

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